Tuesday 1st January 2019 at 5.00 pm
Wednesday 2nd January 2019 at 2.00 pm and 6.30 pm

The New Year's event, Imatra Ballet, has established a permanent place in events. Mirja Borgström from MKB Saimaa Arts and Marketing has been producing high-quality, classical ballet for Culture House Virta’s Karelia Hall for a period of five years. Cooperation with world renown St. Petersburg Ballet Theatre’s Director, Konstantin Tachkin, began in 2014.

The series of productions began with Pjotr Tchaikovsky’s “Nutcracker”, which was followed by Pjotr Tchaikovsky's “Swan Lake", Ludwig Minkus's “Don Quijote”, Pjotr Tchaikovsky's “Sleeping Beauty” and Adolphe Adam's “Giselle”. Each year, the 500-seat stand of the Karelia Hall has been full in three different performances.

The cooperation agreement between MKB and SPBT has now been extended for the next three years. Next year, the New Year 2019 will start with an audience-chosen production, Sergei Prokofjev’s “Romeo and Juliet”.

Counsellor Riitta Uosukainen has operated as the Patron of Imatra Ballet every year. In connection with the ballet, an annual exhibition for artist, fashion designer Jukka Rintala’s work has been organised.

Patron of the event
Counsellor Riitta Uosukainen

Romeo & Juliet

The ballet “Romeo and Juliet” is a well-known classic production, which is based on the love story written by William Shakespeare.

According to existing information, the production that is based in Verona, Italy, was created in the 1590s and it tells about two young lovers Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet. Unfortunately, there is a deep gap and insurmountable dispute between the families of the young lovers, which leads to a great tragedy.

The production will continue Imatra Ballet’s New Year’s series of classic productions, where St. Petersburg Ballet Theatre has previously performed “Nutcracker”, “Swan Lake”, “Don Quijote, “Sleeping Beauty” and “Giselle”.


St. Petersburg Ballet Theatre, which was founded by Konstantin Tachkin in 1994, is one of the world’s most well-known interpreters of classical ballet. The ballet programme includes masterpieces, such as Giselle, Swan Lake, Don Quijote, Romeo and Juliet, La Bayadère and Sleeping Beauty.

SPBT annually offers approximately 250 performances in different continents. This year, SPBT has already performed in New Zealand, Paris, London, Istanbul, Taipei, Johannesburg, and in August at the elegant Ballet Olavinlinna event in Savonlinna, where Tchaikovsky’s “Swan Lake” charmed the audience.

Prestigious publications, such as Times, Daily Telegraph and Guardian publish feedback from professional critics:

“SPBT performs classical ballet in a skilful manner, while appreciating the origin of ballet. Classical ballet lives on and is doing well in skilful hands.”

“SPBT has achieved the unity of style and the elegance of performing. Not only the soloists, but the overall ballet, indicates high quality. The dancers have no doubt received the best traditional and reputable Russian training, and with their dance they jointly interpret the same language.”

“SPBT is stylish, top class ballet. Its methodical accuracy combines the freshness of expression, academic discipline and respect towards the programme.”



Performances: Tuesday 1st January 2019 at 5.00 pm | Wednesday 2nd January 2019 at 2.00 pm and 6.30 pm
Duration of performance 2h 30 min, one intermission.

• Tickets from 58 €/49 €
• VIP 80 €
• Children under 12 years 35 €
The prices include Lippupalvelu’s service fees.

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